No Fix No Fee Policy


This policy is in place to provide a guarentee to our customers that if we company cannot repair the equipment given to us, then there will be no charge for our service. This policy is a fair play policy that does not come in to effect if we can repair your equipment but you choose not to have us effect the repair.

Our No Fix No Fee policy does not cover data. There are rare times when a repair will necessitate the formatting of a hard disc and the unfortunate loss of the data contained within. There are other possible ways that data can be lost. If the equipment is repaired then the work performed to repair it will be chargable as the problem has been fixed. We would like to remind our customers that it is their responsibility to keep their data backed up regularly in full.

There are only a few repairs that are not covered by this policy, such as cleaning spillages and other contaminents from laptops or desktop computers as this involves a lot of work to disassemble, clean and reassemble unfortunately there is only about a 50/50 sucess rate. We will always tell you before starting any work that isn't covered though.

Please note that a the definition 'Fixed' describes getting your equipment in a working condition again. This may mean that you have to install any programs that were lost as a result of the fault or the repair. If we have had to format your computer, or replace a non-functioning hard disk drive our standard service is to install the operating system and hardware drivers. If you would like us to install any programs that you added since buying the computer please mention this and we will be happy to install anything that you can give us the original discs and software licences for at our standard hourly rate. We will not assist customers to install software that we believe to be counterfeit, so please don't ask us to.


Please see our full terms and conditions for full details.