Outsourced IT for Businesses


There has never been a better time for companies to outsource their IT. In fact last winter was our busiest winter in nearly 15 years. A lot of our customers benefited from our experience in setting up employees so that they can work from home. This deals with the problem of staff not being able to make it in to the office.

With our services you are either paying a low regular rate that is less than the salary of an employee, or you would only be paying for someone when you needed them.

If IT is set up properly you don't need in house technicians. Our engineers see so many different problems all of the time, so they are much better prepared to fix your problems quicker and with less disturbance than an in house team could ever do. As one of our outsourcing customers you get very senior engineers for an annual cost that is much lower than a basic salary.

We understand that without IT, most companies are losing a lot of money and we strive to have you back up and running with the minimum of disruption to your operation.